The importance of dresses in a modern woman’s wardrobe is indisputable. Symbols of independence and elegance, dresses are worn with aplomb by the ladies. A-line, maxi, hi-lo, bodycon, flared – types of the dresses are aplenty, and so are ways to accessorise them. Accessories are big game changers, but it is important to don the right ones with the right dress.

One such accessory is the belt, the humble drape around the waist that is now a must have accessory for your dress. Belts for women’s jeans have always been popular, but you would be amazed to realize their versatility for all kinds of apparel for women. Sometimes cinching the dress at the waist, sometimes wrapping gently around the hip, sometimes contouring the outfit, our fancy belts for dresses online are absolutely amazing with dresses! Presenting to you stunning belts, belly chain for dresses that will take your summer fashion through the roof:

1. Butterfly Leather Belt

Wrapping a thin belt at the waist to create the hourglass illusion sounds very tempting, but not everything needs to be placed high. Thin belts for dresses look absolutely graceful, exuding a charming 70s vibe – consider donning the belt loose at your hip. This becomes the ideal partner for a very loose dress, hitting the right balance between comfort and style. The subtle butterfly design adds its own charm to your outfit.

Butterfly Leather Belt

2. Leaf Clasp Metal Waist Belt

An evening out with your girls to the fanciest club may be enough to send you into a panic mode when you all you have in your closest is a plain dark dress. Blingg it up with this adjustable leaf clasp metal waist belt that adds a blingg factor to your dress. Pair it with glitzy strappy shoes and metal earrings and you’re set to shine at night!

Leaf Clasp Metal Waist Belt

3. Floral Metal Buckle Waist Belt

Another popular style among thin belts for dresses is a minimalistic belt strap adorned with a statement buckle. This is easily one of versatile belt styles that can be paired with floral numbers to solid print dresses. The statement buckle adds its own flair to your ensemble for the day, keeping the glam quotient high without going overboard!

Floral Metal Buckle Waist Belt

Add these pieces to your wardrobe today! Get them here.

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