It is for sure that every woman has a unique taste of fashion, and when it comes to picking fashion accessories, trust us it is not an easy task. With loads of varieties of fashion earrings online, it is quite an arduous task for a woman. No matter if you have an elegant taste, punk taste, or even a bold taste, you can easily find a perfect pair of artificial earring that goes well with your outfit for every occasion. Not most of women are aware that while picking up a pair of earrings, you should keep in mind the shape of your face.

This is what we are going to elaborate on, in this article. Below you will see a perfect guide that will come in handy when it comes to picking earring online. Always remember the keynote while choosing the perfect earring set is to choose the one that will compliment your face shape. Now, what we mean by this is the real question.

Artificial Jewellery Online

A perfect pair of earring for longer & heart shaped face

If you have a long or heart shaped face, it will be a disaster to choose thin, long or dangly pair or earrings online. These types of earrings will make your face look even longer and leaner. So, if you are looking for earrings online for a long faced women, then always go for round ones, or the ones that have more volume at the bottom. When a women has a lean and long face, it is a good idea to choose the pair of earrings that will make your face look a little wide.

Pair of earrings for a round face

  So, when it comes to finding the right pair of fashion earrings online for a round face women, always pick the less voluminous earrings as it will help give a leaner look to your face. For a round face, always avoid loops and hoop earrings. If you are looking for a perfect pair of earrings for a women and have a round face, then drop earrings for wedding is an excellent choice. Silver drop earrings online in India is a perfect choice of earrings for a round face.

Perfect Earrings for a square shaped face

While picking up a perfect set of earrings for square shaped face, it is an excellent choice to select the artificial earrings online that have subtle curves. Oval shaped earrings or a medium length danglers with round baubles is a perfect choice when you are out to buy earrings online in India. Picking up a pair of earring that has a cascading or flared look is one of the smartest choices when it comes to complimenting square shaped face.

For Women with oval shaped face

Oval shaped faces are quite balanced and are perfect for every style of fashion earrings available online. The only thing to remember while picking up the pair of earrings for oval face shaped women is that you should avoid overly large earrings.

Apart from picking up the right shape of the earring, the second important point to remember is the size of them. For women with large face, picking up the small pair of fashion earrings is a perfect idea and vice-a-versa goes for the women with small face. Find all type of artificial jewellery online in India at BLINGG

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